jQTouch is now a part of Sencha Labs

The cat’s out of the bag! I was hoping to post something on this later this week, but word has already started spreading and I thought I’d take the opportunity to discuss, in greater detail, what this means. For those who don’t know, I’ve been working at Sencha (previously Ext JS) for about six months now, serving as creative director. We have tons of great things in the works, but for now I’d like to focus on what’s happening with jQTouch:

jQTouch will remain under an MIT open source license We are starting a new foundation at Sencha called Sencha Labs — a home for all of our open source initiatives including jQTouch and also Raphaël, a fantastic SVG library from my new coworker Dmitry Baranovskiy. Sencha’s core products, Ext JS and Ext GWT, will remain dual licensed, commercial and open source GPL.

jQTouch will remain jQTouch The jQTouch library will not be ported into Ext JS, nor will it start to use Ext as a base. It will still be based on jQuery and offer a super easy way to get an iPhone interface using just HTML and CSS.

Jonathan Stark will become the primary maintainer I regretfully admit I have been remiss in keeping up with jQTouch patches and updates. I’ve simply been overwhelmed with work. For those who don’t know, Jonathan Stark has been helping with jQTouch since the beginning — he is a good friend, a talented mobile developer/consultant, and a published author. Hiring Jonathan to spend a dedicated amount of time on jQTouch spells great things for the library, first and foremost looking at better Android support. I’ll refrain from going too deeply into detail, but rest assured, we have great plans for the library.

Lastly, I just want to mention that I will also not be abandoning jQTouch. It’s my baby, and Jonathan and I both look forward to planning its future, making it more powerful, and keeping in touch with you, the community.

I hope that helps keep everyone informed and please, if you have any other questions, just ask. Thanks!